About Us

The Birth of Sweet Root Naturals:

On my 44th birthday, I received a call from my doctor, diagnosing me with skin cancer.  
I’m fair skinned and spend most of my hours in an office under artificial light.  It frightened me that I could get skin cancer. 

I have an allergy to “something” in commercial sunblock (I break out in a horrible rash) so I spoke with my dermatologist about what I could do.  He told me I needed to buy (and wear) a “natural” sunblock.  

I decided that day to start eliminating chemicals and toxins from my life.  I stopped at the health food store to purchase sunblock, lotion, deodorant, soap and other health and beauty products.  Wow – I had no idea they were so expensive.  
After reviewing the ingredient lists, I decided to first do some research on my own.  I found recipes and started adapting them to suit my wants and needs.

A family member came for a visit and used some of the body lotion – she loved it and asked where I got it from.  Once she found out I made it, she asked if I would make some as giveaways for a baby shower she was hosting.  I supplied 50 small bottles for party favors.  The mother-to-be asked to buy additional (full size bottles) for when the baby was born – other family and friends wanted to know what else I made and where they could purchase it.  

And that is how Sweet Root Naturals was born!